Sunday, March 6, 2011


One reading of La Santisima Muerte is as a willful subversion of Catholic tropes and rituals. The use of marijuana in lieu of incense and the development of a 'rosary' at the shrine in Tepito are methods of evangelisizing those at society's margins, those who feel let down or poorly served by the Church and other authorities.

Just as the Virgin of Guadalupe is thought to be syncretic of the pre–hispanic mother goddess Tonantzin, it has often been said that La Santisima Muerte is affiliated with the 'Queen of the Underworld', Mictecacihuatl. It is then possible to see her in relation the Virgin of Guadlaupe – one who sustains life, whilst La Santisima Muerte is the one who takes it away – both have power over life. So it follow that those that conspire with La Santisima Muerte seek her protection.

Tattoo: Bill Morgenstern 2006

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