Friday, February 25, 2011

The Reyes Salazar Familia

Wednesday February 23 2010 Mexico City: Inside a camp set up outside the Senate, Marisela Reyes ended her hunger strike, but will continue to demand federal authorities the safe return of her siblings Elias and Maria Magdalena Reyes, and Elias' wife, Luisa Ornelas. Witnesses say armed men forced the three into a vehicle on 7 February in the town of Guadalupe, Chihuahua state, and nothing has been heard of them since.

A week after the kidnapping, unknown assailants attacked the Reyes Salazar family home with Molotov cocktails. No one was injured as the family had departed the residence days early due to fears of cartel related activities in the area.

Marisela, her brother Saul Reyes and mother Sara Salazer began their strike in Ciudad Juarez, but Chihuahua state governor Cesar Duarte refused to listen until they moved to the capital on Monday.

Marisela's sister, the well known human rights activist Josefina Reyes, was murdered a year ago in Ciudad Juarez.


Friday February 25 2010: The bodies of Elias and Malena Reyes Salazar and of Luisa Ornelas, were found early Friday on a dirt road located about a mile from the Ciudad Juarez suburb of Guadalupe.

With the bodies were messages alluding to organized crime, though their details are yet to be released.

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