Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Australian Market Remains Robust

''Australians are among the world's highest per capita consumers of illicit stimulants, and drug prices in Australia far exceed prices overseas, making domestic drug production and importation highly profitable'' says a recent report from the Australian Crime Commission, 'Organised Crime in Australia 2011' Report.

As cocaine markets continue to decline in the US, the global market remains ''robust'' and Australia is a favoured market, given the relatively high profit margins.

Last year it was revealed that the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel controlled by Joaquin ''El Chapo'' Guzman - had infiltrated Australia, bringing massive amounts of cocaine into the country as well as concerns that the culture of violence might also follow.

''Organised crime reaches into many sectors - sometimes almost as a direct competitor and, increasingly, intermingled with legitimate businesses" says ACC chief executive John Lawler.

According to the ABC underworld activities are costing the economy up to $15 billion a year, enough to wipe out the national debt.

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